EhonNavi for Professionals - an online showcase of Japanese children's picture books

In Japan, over 1000 new Ehon (children's picture books) are published every year. However, most of these Ehons are still unknown outside of Japan. Why not dig up a few hidden treasures? EhonNavi for Professionals will provide you with all the information necessary while you consider purchasing Japanese Ehon translation rights.

  1. You can check rights availablities on EhonNavi for Professionals to find your specific language rights fee.
  2. On EhonNavi for Professionals you can preview all interior pages with full English translations to help with your decision.
  3. Furthermore, on EhonNavi for Professionals you can see reviewer's scores for each book (from 1 star to five stars), including target age group.
  4. On EhonNavi for Professionals each title has a "best review" from Japanese parents, grandparents, and other picture book lovers who bought and read these books.

Every page can be previewed!

After you sign up, EhonNavi for Professionals will allow you to preview all interior pages of each book with full English translations. You can instantly compare the illustrations and the English texts. It will eliminate the extra time for both requesting and waiting for samples to arrive. If you're more interested in buying rights and want a chance to see all pages, just click "Contact Copyrights" at the bottom to submit your inquiries. As soon as an EhonNavi for Professionals receives your request, you will be able to preview each book, more than once. Rely on EhonNavi for Professionals to search for picture books that can be a hit in your country!

Contact the Japanese rightsholder immediately

Once you have submitted your request for copyright information via EhonNavi for Professionals, you will receive a speedy response from the rightsholders through EhonNavi for Professionals. The agent, TOPPAN will support you with all the necessary details for each of your requests.